The Kraft Packaging Revolution


Today it's every where. You can't escape it. Plastic packaging is a cheap option in manufacturing but the impact it has on the planet is now coming to the fore.

The recent onslaught of plastic straws that went global is just an example. 

With packaging reverting back to natural materials it will have a huge impact on our environment in a good way.

But they must be manufactured with renewable resources so we don't use up our natural resources needed to sustain a better climate.

Snack boxes, clams and trays are all available in Kraft Paper and sugarcane options to help make your food present better in a more environmental way.

While better for the environment they also come with some restrictions to what can be used inside them.

Have no fear manufacturers are developing ways to combat this problem. Tricks such as lining the base of the box with greaseproof paper can assist.

Liquids are an ongoing issue but with Kraft soup bowls and combo lids now drenching the market we have solutions.

As winter is upon us kraft soup bowls will be in popular demand.