Hygienic Cutlery

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We have solutions for you. With COVID 19 restrictions and social distancing still a part of our every day life we need solutions to be able to still socilaise and still be safe. Make up your own cutlery packs for take away meals or plastic sleeve your cutlery with a napkin for a hygienic serving solution. As restrictions ease we are still faced with challenges on how to move forward in the best way without compromising quality and service. Be practical. try not to over think the situation and use common sense and always follow government preferred guidelines. We have impulse heat sealers available for you to make your own cutlery packs, simply slide your napkin and cutlery in and away you go. Best napkins used are the quilted kind so your bag doesn't become floppy with the cutlery inside. it may be COVID but presentation is still a major part of customer service.