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Libbey's classic design, the Hobstar is a perennial favorite for today's cocktail culture – found in bars all over the world. The etched glass look dates back to Libbey's brilliant cut glass period, but is now remade with today's premium performance features. Rediscover a classic and give it a modern spin with glamorous presentations that never lose their luster.

Libbey Hobstar

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Libbey Hobstar

Libbey 355ml Hobstar Double...

Libbey Hobstar Coupe Saucer Glass 250ml (12)

Libbey 250ml Hobstar Coupe...

Libbey Hobstar Glass Goblet 300ml (12)

Libbey 300ml Hobstar Goblet...

Libbey Hobstar Cooler Glass 473ml (12)

Libbey 473ml Hobstar Cooler...

Libbey Hobstar Shot Glass 59ml (12)

Libbey 59ml Hobstar Shot...