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Camliter Beverage Decanters offer an upscale improvement to beverage service without the breakage and costs of fragile glass. Designed from shatter-proof, crystal-clear CamView, these dispensers are ideal for restaurants, buffets, and outdoor events looking to serve juice, wine, and milk in style. Scratch and dent resistant, Camliters are also safe for poolside, avoiding the risk of broken glass and replacement costs. Personalize the decanters with a logo for added value, with spill-proof, snap-tight lids included to reduce mess. The optional pour spout lid option allows for protection available contamination while allowing free pour. Choose Camliters for durability without compromising great presentation in your drink service!


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Camview Camliter 1000ml Beverage Decanter w/Lid (12)

Camview Camliter 1000ml...