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Practical and perfect, our specialty pieces for bar, catering or meal areas include the fresh and gorgeous classic style carafe and cozy and warm coffee or tea mug. While The Big Red Cup collection is 100% recyclable, durable and disposable, is certified for draught beer usage and made from high-quality food grade polypropylene.


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Polysafe 1000ml Carafe wit Lid PS-25 (24)

Polysafe 1000ml Carafe wit...

Polysafe 250ml Tea / Coffee PS-13 (24)

Polysafe 250ml Tea / Coffee...

Polysafe 28ml Tall Shot PS-34 (24)

Polysafe 28ml Tall Shot...

Polysafe 30ml Shot PS-8 (24)

Polysafe 30ml Shot PS-8 (24)

Polysafe 45ml Rock Shot w/Pour Line PS-36 (24)

Polysafe 45ml Rock Shot...

Polysafe 60ml Double Shot PS-15 (24)

Polysafe 60ml Double Shot...