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Ypsilon is a large collection created specifically by Bormioli Rocco for the bar world. The Ypsilon collection includes a wide range of references: glasses and goblets of different sizes and capacities, ice buckets, cups and, now, a new range of carafes in another step towards specializing in the professional channel.

Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon

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Ypsilon Cocktail Glass 245ml Bormioli Rocco (1.24490) (6)

Ypsilon Cocktail Glass...

Ypsilon Margarita Glass 330ml Bormioli Rocco (1.66440) (6)

Ypsilon Margarita Glass...

Ypsilon Champagne Glass 160ml Bormioli Rocco (1.25010) (6)

Ypsilon Champagne Glass...