Cleaning & Janitorial products for both front and rear of house. Equipment, Waste control, Paper products for washroom and chemicals for specific applications.


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Platform Broom 400mm Soft Fill

Platform brooms are ideal to sweep large areas. The soft bristles make them ideal for any surface indoor or out to shift fine particles. Works with 25mm bamboo handle and aluminium handles with the use of the adaptor

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Tea Towel Blue Small Waffle...

Our 100% cotton waffle check tea towel is lightweight and small, ideal for hotel room use, around the bar or for around the kitchen at home.  Please wash before use. Check tea towel are machine washable, Warm to hot wash using a mild liquid or powder detergent, avoid adding bleach or whiteners to the wash, At home use tumble dry on a med to high setting, or you can line dry

Commercial laundry - Make sure the fabric has at least 10-15% moisture prior to feeding into your ironers, this will remove the moisture and will iron the cloth at the same time, Keep wet linen covered whilst in storage to avoid localized evaporation and dry areas on the linen, If linen is overheated during finishing (ironing), it will lead to overall glazing giving a very shiny finish and could damage the fibres, or tumble dry on a med to high setting

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Ostrich Plume 32cm Feather...

Ostrich plume feather duster with wooden handle. Ideal for cleaning blinds and ceiling corners.

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Edco Toilet Tidy Set White

Stiff, durable bristles to remove stain, head shaped to get into the bottom of the bowl and an open face holder for easy removal and cleaning.

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Compass 10L Lobby Bin with...

Compass Lobby Bin with Ashtray, suitable for foyers, entrances and smoking areas.

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Rational Self Cleaner Tab...

Developed by RATIONAL, these cleaning tabs contain a new intensive complex of active ingredients to guarantee maximum cleaning power every time. They are ultra-concentrated and thus particularly high-yield.

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Bracton (RTU) Ready To Use...

Glasses when washed between drinks must use a glasswash detergent to remove deposits left on the surface from use to maintain hygiene and beverage quality.

Brewery approved BractonSafe Glasswash eliminates the need for drying agents such as rinse aids. BractonSafe Glasswash is the preferred detergent as it has the ability to hygienically clean, lifting stains from the glass and also be the ONLY brewery approved non-hazardous glass washing detergent available.  BractonSafe Glass Wash delivers cleaner glasses and polycarbonate eliminating many of the common WH&S issues for bar staff, by using a non-corrosive product.

Using BractonSafe Glasswash detergent in your glasswasher helps beer hold its head for longer in the glass. No wonder it is Australia’s favourite everyday glasswash detergent.

NOTE: To ensure perfect beverage presentation, beverage glasses should be washed with hot water with a glass wash detergent specifically designed for beverage glasses and rinsed at 82C for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Fortunately many glass washing machines will automatically ensure the temperature is correct, so all you have to do is ensure a quality beverage glasswashing detergent is used.  BractonSafe Glass Wash detergent is suitable for use with all makes and models of commercial glass washing machines and will assist in delivering beverages with perfect presentation.

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Gel Liquid Bleach 5L

Cleaner – Sanitiser with built-in detergents, caustic and chlorine additives. Removes grease and residues in kitchen area and food processing equipments.

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Concentrated Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid. An enviromentally responsible product, boasting tremendous fat emulsification properties and readily biodegradable surfactants.

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All Purpose Sanitiser...

Non rinse, non perfume sanitiser. Ideal for use in food processing areas, soaking cutlery, bench tops, equipment, chopping boards and floors.

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Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

Concentrated, non-corrosive cleaner degreaser. Ideal for the marine industry to clean boats, engines etc.

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Neutra Fresh RTU 750mL (12)

Handy RTU Pump Pack Neutra Fresh. Neutralises contaminated air, eliminates the cause of bad odours and replacing it with a clean, fresh and residual fragrance. Water based. Refill from a 5L bottle and save. Bottles have msds compliancy printed on the bottle.

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Laundry Nappy Soaker 5kg

Concentrated oxygen based destainer and sanitiser. Colour safe soaking powder.

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Laundry Liquid Classic 5L

Heavy duty, offering economical results, Lavender fragrance.

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Laundry Liquid Premium...

Concentrated formula specially designed for front loaders, with a fresh perfume. Suitable for all types of fabrics.

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Fabric Softener Classic 5L

Improved, heavy duty, economical, fresh fragrance.

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Caprice Durolla 3 Roll...

Triple the storage of toilet paper in busy bathrooms with the three roll dispenser from Caprice Paper. This dispenser is made from durable ABS plastic and with the clear front you can easily see when it’s time to restock. 

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Caprice Duro 2ply 400 sheet...

The individually wrapped Duro Toilet Paper Rolls with 400 comfortable 2 ply sheets are a stylish and economical option for busy washrooms. 

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Auto Warewash Chlorinated...

Highly concentrated, chlorinated. Removes fats, lipstick, tea and coffee stains. Suitable for commercial machines and auto dispensers. Sold in a 3 x 4kg carton

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Multitask 5L

Concentrated formula designed to handle the dirtiest of cleaning jobs. It can be used as a spray and wipe, degreaser and stripper.

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Dishwashing Liquid Lemon...

Standard strength, economical, lemon perfume, opaque yellow liquid.

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CP Solv 5L

Natural solvent based grease and gum remover. Remove grease, oil, ink, chewing gum, tar, paint, glue, lipstick and paint from carpets and fabrics. Gentle on fibre.

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Instant Hand Sanitiser Blue...

Alcohol based gel, no washing or rinsing required. Tested and approved according to TGA methods. Glycerin moisturiser & Vitamin E

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