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Create tender succulent pieces of meat with our variety of tenderizers and meat mallets.

Mallets | Tenderizers

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Mantova Meat Mallet 280mm

Mantova Meat Mallet 280mm

Meat Tenderizer 285mm Wooden Handle

Meat Tenderizer 285mm...

Meat Tenderizer 328mm Extra Heavy Duty Aluminium

Meat Tenderizer 328mm Extra...

Meat Tenderizer 240mm Extra Heavy Duty Aluminium

Meat Tenderizer 240mm Extra...

Meat Mallet 2.0kg Stainless Steel

Meat Mallet 2.0kg Stainless...

Meat Tenderizer 1.0kg Heavy Duty Paderno

Meat Tenderizer 1.0kg Heavy...